Property Inspection Resources

How to Best Prepare Your Home for Examination by a Home Inspector

t is important to know how to best prepare your home for examination by a home inspector, most especially for those who are first time home investor, regardless of whether a seller or buyer. Although it is safe to say that location, buyer preferences and location are major factors that play a key role in ...

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Choosing the Right Home Inspector

f you are selling or buying a home, then getting a home inspector would be to your great advantage.  A home inspector checks and evaluates a home if it has met the requirements of local codes and ordinances regarding housing and infrastructure.  Aside from that, a home inspector also evaluates the different utility system in ...

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Areas Commonly Missed out by Home Inspectors

lthough the home inspection process can be a thorough process, still there are areas that are commonly missed out by home inspectors. But this however, is but a tip for home owners who may wish to have their homes inspected, whether for personal satisfaction and security or whether you are planning to have a house ...

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