Corner 2 Corner property inspections provide buyers and sellers the peace of mind when making their investment. Through hard work and integrity we do just that. Click below to see the list of services.


About Us

Our inspections always value integrity so we can deliver accurate and reliable reports. Our mission is to provide professional inspection services, competitive prices, and timely service.



Find additional information regarding property inspections, state standards, what to look for when buying a home and more. Also, you can also contact us directly for any questions you may have.



Property Inspection Tips

Read about property inspection tips and get the most out of your inspection.

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  • How to Best Prepare Your Home for Examination by a Home Inspector

    t is important to know how to best prepare your home for examination by a home inspector, most especially for those who are first time home investor, regardless of whether a seller or buyer. Although ...

  • Choosing the Right Home Inspector

    f you are selling or buying a home, then getting a home inspector would be to your great advantage.  A home inspector checks and evaluates a home if it has met the requirements of local codes and ord ...

  • Areas Commonly Missed out by Home Inspectors

    lthough the home inspection process can be a thorough process, still there are areas that are commonly missed out by home inspectors. But this however, is but a tip for home owners who may wish to hav ...